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It’s easy for you to use our converter. The conversion of distance, temperature, area and other units can maximize your efficiency. You can choose from a wide range of unit conversion tools and charts to perform quick lookups. Just choose it!

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How to Use KeepConvert?

  • Step1: Seach for
  • Step2: There will be an online converter just above the screen. Click on the unit you want to convert (click the arrows to interchange).
  • Step3: Enter your number and the result will appear immediately on the right.

What Will KeepConvert Do for You?

  • Free and unlimited conversions.

This is a free online converter. And your usage is unlimited. You can use KeepConvert whenever you need it.

  • Get answers fast.

All you need to do is enter your numbers into the box on the left and the results will appear in the box on the right.

Common Conversions

Cm to inches
Inches to cm
Step to miles
Miles to steps
Feet to inches
Inches to feet
Years to months
Months to years
Weeks to hours
Hours to weeks
Minutes to seconds
Seconds to minutes
Celsius to Fahrenheit
Fahrenheit to Celsius
Celsius to Kelvin
Kelvin to Celsius
Kelvin to Fahrenheit
Fahrenheit to Kelvin